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XDoge project, a decentralized cryptocurrency launched on the Ethereum blockchain

Inspired by the iconic Twitter logo ‘X’ and driven by a commitment to support the Doge army, XDoge aims to create a vibrant community

→ Origin of the X DOGE project ←
  • In recent times, Twitter made a significant announcement to completely rebrand itself as “X,” a decision that has sparked widespread discussions worldwide, particularly within the cryptocurrency community. People widely perceive this renaming as an acknowledgment and endorsement of the cryptocurrency market and space industry, signifying boundless potential.
    Coincidentally, at this thrilling moment, Elon Musk also jumped into the digital currency trend. During a fan Q&A session, he expressed his genuine fondness for cryptocurrencies and openly stated that Tesla is actively considering accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. This news sent shockwaves through the financial world and garnered even more attention to the future of digital currencies.
    Amidst this excitement, an enigmatic group of developers took center stage. They called themselves the “XDOGE team” and made a groundbreaking decision to combine Twitter’s rebranding to “X” with Dogecoin, creating an entirely new cryptocurrency – XDOGE.
    The birth of XDOGE is a response to the cryptocurrency community’s desire for greater adoption and broader application of digital currencies. The XDOGE team firmly believes that cryptocurrencies should be an integral part of more people’s lives, transcending the realm of just a few tech enthusiasts. Consequently, they designed a user-friendly and accessible digital currency to attract a wider audience.
    With Elon Musk’s likes on XDOGE tweets and the attention from other renowned investors, XDOGE’s prominence surged, making it a radiant new star within the cryptocurrency community, garnering significant acclaim. XDOGE’s mission is to propel widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and foster the advancement of the digital economy. Its distinguishing features include rapid transaction confirmations, low transaction fees, and a user-friendly interface. Concurrently, the XDOGE team actively collaborates with merchants to drive the practical use of XDOGE in various shopping and service domains, aiming to realize the tangible utili

🚀 The Power of Interconnected Ecosystems🚀

By creating a seamless interaction between XDoge and Dogecoin, we can unlock the potential of interconnected ecosystems. Here are some ways we envision this happening

Cross-Chain Integration

We will explore cross-chain integration to facilitate easier swapping and interaction between XDoge and Dogecoin tokens, providing users with more options and flexibility.

Dual Promotion

XDoge and Dogecoin can jointly promote each other’s projects, events, and achievements, broadening the reach and impact of both communities

Liquidity Sharing

Liquidity pooling and sharing mechanisms between XDoge and Dogecoin can create increased liquidity and trading options for both communities, encouraging a vibrant exchange of tokens.

💰 Token Distribution

Fair Launch Distribution:

XDoge is fairly launched without any pre-sales or private allocations. The initial distribution is carried out through a decentralized and transparent process, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants

🚀Token Mechanism🚀

💰Token Name:XDoge


contract: 0x979cbf32e3d38b9326dd8df712e64f2ce7ebe65b

Total Supply:4,200,000,000

Buy/Sell Tax:2%

Phase 1 (August 2023 – January 2024): During this phase, 50% of the total supply will be released. Tokens will be distributed fairly to ensure broad participation and equity.

Phase 2 (February 2024 – July 2024): In this phase, 25% of the total supply will be released. The launch will continue to adhere to the principles of fairness and equality to support a broader range of holders.

Phase 3 (August 2024 – December 2024): The remaining 25% of the tokens will be gradually released during this phase. We will maintain transparency and fairness to ensure the smooth distribution of tokens.
The development of the launch schedule aims to ensure the gradual distribution of tokens, avoiding market shocks and investor uncertainty. We will continue to share launch progress and details with the community to ensure transparency and engagement.

🌐 Embracing a Network of DeFi Allies

XDoge actively seeks strategic partnerships with other DeFi projects, blockchain platforms, influencers, and industry leaders. These alliances create a robust network of DeFi allies, allowing XDoge to tap into diverse resources and expertise from the broader crypto community

🚀 Our Goals

To realize our vision and mission, we have set forth several key goals:

Adoption and Accessibility

We aim to increase cryptocurrency adoption by creating a user-friendly and accessible platform. Our mission is to make the process of buying, selling, and trading tokens easy and intuitive for everyone.


Decentralization lies at the heart of our project. By operating on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizing smart contracts, we ensure that power is distributed among our community, empowering each individual with control over their assets and the future of XDoge.

Community Engagement

Building an engaged and active community is essential to us. We encourage open communication, foster discussions, and support community-driven initiatives that strengthen our bond and promote collective growth

🎯 Vision & Mission🎯

We celebrate creativity and innovation, inspired by the Twitter logo 'X.' Our team continuously explores new frontiers in the DeFi landscape, pushing boundaries to discover novel and exciting possibilities for our community
We aim to increase cryptocurrency adoption by creating a user-friendly and accessible platform. Our mission is to make the process of buying, selling, and trading tokens easy and intuitive for everyone.
The essence of the Doge army's community culture runs deep in our veins. We endeavor to build a close-knit and supportive community where each member's voice is respected, and everyone is treated like family.
We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the blockchain space. Continuous improvement and innovation will enhance the user experience and bolster our security measures
Our commitment to long-term sustainability drives every decision we make. Prudent financial management and community-oriented initiatives are paramount to establishing a solid foundation for our project's continued success
Our aspirations extend beyond the crypto world. We seek opportunities for charitable partnerships and community-driven projects that contribute positively to society and make a meaningful impact

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